folk rock / americana | Denver, Colorado

Reasons We Love the Denver Music Scene

There are more reasons than we can even type out about why we love the Denver music scene so much. But one of those reasons is that there are always great shows to go to. Tonight, for instance, there are at least three. I highly recommend any of the three:

1) Folk rocker extraordinaire Anthony Ruptak is playing tonight at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon with one of the best indie rock bands in Denver, Red Fox Run. Here’s a video of Anthony.

2) The anthemic dark folk rock/Americana band Two Tone Wolf Pack will be tearing it up tonight at The Oriental Theater along with our lovely and talented friend Chella Negro and some other great bands. Here’s a video from Two Tone’s recent in-studio performance at OpenAir.

3) Our buddies in The CASE will be rockin’ the house at Bannock Street Garage.

So the question tonight isn’t “Am I going to go to a show” but “Which show am I going to?”

Also, mark your calendars for a couple upcoming Belle Jar shows:
Feb. 15 at Rocky Mountain Sound Garden w/ Bear Antler and The Jane Thatcher Band
Feb. 22 at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon w/ Drew Schofield and Stang Gappa

[post by Matthew]


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