folk rock / americana | Denver, Colorado


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Given the band’s varied geographical background, Denver is fortunate to be the home of the toe-tapping, melodic folk-rock band The Belle Jar.  Originally an individual project of lead singer and songwriter Ryan James, the band has since grown into a six-piece lineup, with natives of Minnesota, Texas, Kansas and Illinois among them.  As diverse as The Belle Jar’s roots are, the same can be said for the band’s sound itself.  The Belle Jar’s rich instrumentation and simple musings of indie rock and folk have helped them stand out within a competitive local scene, and their energetic live shows have consistently turned into impromptu dance parties.

The contagious sound of The Belle Jar has caught the eye of more and more critics as well. Tim Wegner of Colorado Music Buzz calls Union Station “lively and danceable from start to finish” and asserts it is “a solid take on modern folk music.”

Jon Solomon of Denver Westword writes that Union Station is “ambitious and fleshed out” and “brims with energy.” He goes on to say, “James and company have no trouble digging in and rocking out.” And Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine says this of the band’s new album: “The Belle Jar strikes gold with several dynamically entertaining, and often emotionally captivating tracks that truly portray the band’s musical depth.”

With critical success follows more fruitful performance opportunities. The Belle Jar has shared the stage with Kathryn Calder (of The New Pornographers), Bethesda, You Me and Apollo, Strange Americans, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ian Cooke, The Kopecky Family Band, Esme Patterson, Mission South and many more.

Their sophomore release, Union Station, continues on The Belle Jar’s fast track to success.  The band took a more collaborative approach to writing and recording this time around, and the result is a very distinctive album.  The signature folk-rock sound from Fall Systems Go still carries on to Union Station, but ringing guitars, gorgeous violins, driving rhythms and multi-layered harmonies take Union Station down a bigger path than its predecessor.  With this solid early success and continual musical evolution, The Belle Jar is one Denver band you don’t want to miss.

Union Station is now available now on iTunes and Bandcamp. Check out our Shows section for upcoming concerts.